Discover How We Used SEO To Rank Our Saint John Restaurant In Google

Ranking in Google is one of those words that tends to send pangs of fear in a business owners heart. That is because they know they are going to have to rank in the search engine giant if they want to make money. However, what you need to realize is a lot of times it is easier to rank than what you imagined, but you just have to put your mind to the job at hand. With that being the case, we are going to share what we did to get our restaurant to rank towards the top of the Google search results page.

Now the first thing you need to realize is we did not go out targeting the first result for our keyword. No, we are a local restaurant, so shipping products and ranking for steaks is not something that we wanted to do. So we targeted our local geographic market instead of anything else. Since this was the case, it reduced the amount of work that we had to do, but then we started to look at the keywords in our area that were related to what we did. As a restaurant, we started to look at the meals we prepared and how it would look great to rank for those keywords in our city.


We have our list of keywords that we are targeting, and we have the list of websites that are ranking for those keywords. However, when you look the first three results that come up are usually from the map page. These tend to get clicked on quite a bit more because they are at the top. So this is where we decided to target for each of the keywords we wanted to rank for, and it was quite a bit harder than what we thought it would be.

So how did we take our restaurant and get it to rank for multiple terms on the maps section? Well, that is the fun part first we had to work on getting to rank for our niche of a restaurant, and that meant going to all the different directories and pages that are listed in the local category of SEO Moz. These are very important because it helps you know the importance of the links and listings you get from here for a local business in Google.

After making sure we were listed in each one of those directories, we decided it was time to tackle the social media and Google my Business side of the deal. This was going to help us in getting ranked for the additional keywords we wanted to rank for. Now, this part was quite a bit easier because just had to start generating content on a regular basis to these pages and make sure the search engines picked up on them. Then they started to index our website and restaurant for the search terms for the meals in our city as well. Now we are ranking at the top of our game for multiple terms, and they are all local rankings, which makes us look like the best restaurant in town.

Being able to rank your website in Google is not that much of a challenge. In fact, if you are not trying to game the system ranking is very easy to do and often makes it easier for you to get the rankings you would like to have. However, you will find by using some simple advice it is very easy for you to use some SEO work to get your website, even for a restaurant, to rank at the top of Google. We use a company called for our site. They have a facebook page located here Facebook – Saint John SEO